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Player History Survey

This is the application to submit your information to be rostered on a UWHL team. This form closes on December 12th of the current year for all full status team players, but is always open for goalies and exhibition status team players. This form only needs to be submitted once, unless you are requesting to play at a lower level than the most recent level played, or returning to the UWHL for the first time since the 2014-2015 season. Players who play multiple positions (skater & goalie) are required to fill out the form twice. (Submit one form for each position).

Please see UWHL Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Section 4.3: Player Review Voting Process & Section 4.4: Request For Player Review for full league rules regarding The Player History Survey.

PPG Section 4.3: Player Review Voting Process

A) Each TEAM shall submit an Official USA Hockey ROSTER to the UWHL Secretary as outlined in SECTION 5.1.

B) In addition, any PLAYER who meets one or more of the following criteria is required to submit a PLAYER HISTORY SURVEY form:

1. Requesting to play at a lower level than the most recent level played,
2. New to the UWHL, or
3. Returning to the UWHL for the first time since the 2014-2015 season.

C) The purpose of the survey is to assist Team Representatives in assessing each PLAYER’s fitness to play in the CONFERENCE/DIVISION requested. It is imperative that all PLAYERs take the time to add details and explanations, where applicable, in order to help the Team Representatives make a fair decision. Team Representatives should only have PLAYERs they believe are suited for the CONFERENCE/DIVISION in which they are requesting to play submit a PLAYER HISTORY SURVEY.


1. Once the PLAYER HISTORY SURVEY is completed by a PLAYER meeting the above criteria, an automated email message is sent to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE to inform that the survey has been received (Note: the TEAM name and PLAYER name are not included in this email).

2. Within three (3) days of receiving the automated email, the CONFERENCE LIAISON for the DIVISION in which the PLAYER is requesting to play sends the de-identified survey answers to
the TEAM REPRESENTATIVES in the DIVISION for a vote to approve, deny, or place on probationary status the PLAYER for the requested DIVISION of play.

3. TEAM REPRESENTATIVES are given seven (7) calendar days to vote to approve, deny, or place on probationary status the PLAYER. The vote from the TEAM REPRESENTATIVE of the team for which the PLAYER is requesting to play will not count. A majority of the received votes (1/2 +1) are required to approve or deny a PLAYER. If a majority of votes are not for approve or deny, the result of the vote is probationary.

4. Once the voting is complete, the CONFERENCE LIAISON shall send an email to the TEAM REPRESENTATIVES to inform them of the results of the PLAYER REVIEW VOTING PROCESS. This email includes the PLAYER name and TEAM name.

5. PLAYERS voted to be placed on probationary status will be allowed to play, but will be evaluated on the ice by their opponents for three games (3) from the conclusion of the vote or until Dec 1, whichever comes first. After the pre-determined number of games or Dec 1
have elapsed, the TEAM REPRESENTATIVES within the DIVISION of play will vote to approve or deny the probationary PLAYER for the remainder of the season.

6. The results of this vote cannot be APPEALED by the PLAYER or TEAM. If the PLAYER was denied, she can request to be reviewed for a higher DIVISION of play, if desired.

7. PLAYERS who were previously denied the ability to play in a requested DIVISION are eligible for re-review in future seasons at the denied level of play under this process.

8. If a PLAYER is caught lying or lying by omission on a PLAYER HISTORY SURVEY and/or if a PLAYER HISTORY SURVEY is inaccurate or incomplete, the PLAYER will be asked to resubmit
a new survey. If the resubmitted survey is denied by the TEAM REPRESNTATIVE vote, the PLAYER will be removed from the TEAM and the respective CONFERNECE/DIVISION. All games played by the TEAM with the disallowed PLAYER, including games played prior to
removal of the PLAYER, will be considered forfeits. Only games in which the disallowed PLAYER participated will be forfeits. Statistics for forfeited games will be handled in accordance with SECTION 6.8.

E) TEAMS that elect to ROSTER a PLAYER who has been denied through the PLAYER REVIEW VOTING PROCESS may be required to:

1. By a decision of the ROSTER COMMITTEE,

a. disallow the PLAYER from participating in any future games for that TEAM,
b. FORFEIT eligibility for PLAYOFFS, and/or
c. Move to a higher level within the UWHL for the following season.

2. The TEAM REPRESENTATIVE and/or COACH(ES) may be required to appear before the CONDUCT COMMITTEE for allowing higher skilled PLAYERS to remain on their TEAM’s ROSTER and may be subject to a fine as defined in SECTION 2.7.E.