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United Women's Hockey League

Regular Season 2017-2018

Mission Statement

The United Women’s Hockey League (UWHL) is committed to providing a place for women of all skill levels in the Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Tri-State area to play ice hockey. The UWHL seeks to promote women’s hockey and assist Players in finding and enjoying success in the game of ice hockey. The UWHL upholds the constitution and bylaws of USA Hockey in order to provide a positive experience for all Members.

UWHL Teams

2017-2018 Season

Levels of Play

The League is divided into 3 CONFERENCES (Red, White, and Blue) based on skill level.

The Blue CONFERENCE is comprised of PLAYERS looking for high-level competition and/or those with college playing experience.

The White CONFERENCE is comprised mostly of adult starters who may have 3 or more years of experience or PLAYERS with some college club or other organized hockey experience (such as youth, high school, men’s league, etc.). Basic skills and positioning on the ice are improving with experience. Some White CONFERENCE PLAYERS may be slowing with age and/or moving down from higher ranks.

The Red CONFERENCE is primarily comprised of beginners, with PLAYERS generally picking up the sport as adults. The basic skills of the game (i.e. skating, shooting, passing and body control) are in their early development.

The CONFERENCES may be further divided into DIVISIONS in order to accommodate the number of TEAMS within that skill level and further delineate skill levels within a CONFERENCE.