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Weather Policy

Please refer to Section 6.8 of the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines for the complete Weather Policy information.  Generally, it is the responsibility of the two teams playing to communicate and make a decision on whether or not a game needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.  Typically the UWHL as a whole will not make a decision to cancel games.  It is on a team by team/game by game basis.

Your first point of contact is to your opponent's team representative, not the Executive Committee for a game day decision.  It is suggested the teams make the call the day of the game (whenever possible) and not too far in advance, as weather conditions can change.


In the event a game is cancelled or rescheduled, the Home Team must inform the Executive Committee, referees, scorekeepers, etc.  In all cases an attempt to reschedule the game should be made quickly (per the PPG, this should be done within 14 days of the original date), as each team should have reserved 2 weather slots.